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Teaching others how to make people's lives better through technology.

Hardcore Programmer - Tech is love, tech is life

Marketing Aficionado - Marketing is everything

People Person - We are social creatures

Maker - Creativity is a skill, so I hone it by creating

Personal projects

Nokto Studios

2021 - Present

A freelancing studio. You come with the problem; I assemble a team of freelancers for you.



A community-driven podcast exploration platform dedicated to entrepreneurs, indie hackers, and freelancers.

Business development, personal development, and tech-related stuff are the main courses of the menu.

Noob Maker

2020 - Present

A newsletter/blog for makers. Here you will find various articles related to making stuff online, from marketing to planning.

2019 - 2020

An e-commerce website created with WordPress + WooCommerce that was meant to be a platform for Romanian clothing manufacturers.

I discontinued the project before launching because of missing funds for an initial stock + COVID 19 pandemic.

Lx Multi Tool

2015 - 2017

An open-source, cross-platform flashing tool for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5, and Nexus 6 developed in C++ with Qt.

The support page is on XDA Developers.

It has over 10.000 downloads across all supported devices and operating systems.

ZiS Suite

2016 - 2017

A cross-platform ERP software developed in Qt with different functionalities like creating bills, invoices, inventory management, exporting PDFs, and Excel files.

I discontinued the work on it before launching since there were better alternatives using web technologies.

Work Experience

Hella Romania

AUG. 2014 - Present

Nov. 2018 - Present | Domain Group Leader for System and Software Development

• Extended the location's Battery Management System portfolio with an additional component.

• Introduced 2-week sprint software development model with continuous integration in an overall V-cycle development model, reducing the need for a dedicated Software Integrator.

• Kept the personnel fluctuation to 0% over 2 consecutive years through constant 1 to 1 meetings, transparency, and powerful encouragements for people to work together and complement their skills.

• Introduced a process update for code review for Hella Worldwide to improve software development quality.

• Had a key role in designing the new generation of product software feature set together with the customer, being involved from quotation phase up to start of production (4 years cycle).

• Held a conference speech about electric vehicles at job fair (Angajatori de top, Timisoara, 2019).

Jan. 2017 - Nov. 2018 | Team Leader

• Started the development of a new Battery Management System component with full responsibility.

• Increased the team from 2 to 5, creating their integration plan, training them, assigning them to trainings, and coaching them.

• Together with the team, we fixed 3 critical bugs discovered in production with the use of an internal process we called “Task Force”.

• Interviewed people for increasing the team while also taking part in job fairs.

Aug. 2014 - Jan. 2017 | Embedded Software Developer

• Offered internal training for new employees on communication protocols (CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI) for over 50+ people.

• Offered the communication protocols training for Politehnica University of Timisoara as part of a collaboration.

• I created the full module test method and process using on-target solutions for increasing the quality of testing and also offered training to other locations in using this innovative solution.

• Took over a Battery Management System component project from a different location and finished the implementation of the feature set and setting the motion for the start of production.

• Completed various development tasks for the Fuel Control Module team and DCDC Converter team, primarily regarding Communication stack, RTE, and Vector Autosar delivery package integration.

Memox Vision

Apr. 2014 - Aug. 2014 | Junior Programmer

• Created an ERP application from scratch in C# that had to integrate with the existing database (MS-SQL) of a

• I designed the UI and the UX of said application and also provided user support.

• I launched it in production in less than one month.


Jul. 2013 - Sept. 2013 | Junior Programmer (Internship)

• I brought improvements to the UX, the UI, fixed some bugs, and added around 5 new tests to an Android application that runs self-tests during manufacturing, increasing the quality of produced parts and decreasing the time needed for testing on the production side.

• I also created the scripts in Bash to run those tests from a PC before putting them in Android using JNI.


Politehnica University of Timisoara

2014 - 2016 | Master's degree | Information Technology

2011 - 2014 | Bachelor's degree | Informatics

"Mihai Viteazul" College of Ineu

2007 - 2011 | Highschool | Philology, English Intensive

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